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% This is the RIPE Database query service. % The objects are in RPSL format. % % The RIPE Database is subject to Terms and Conditions. % See % Note: this output has been filtered. % To receive output for a database update, use the "-B" flag. % Information related to 'AS38912 - AS39935' as-block: AS38912 - AS39935 descr: RIPE NCC ASN block remarks: These AS Numbers are assigned to network operators in the RIPE NCC service region. mnt-by: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT created: 2018-11-22T15:27:34Z last-modified: 2018-11-22T15:27:34Z source: RIPE % Information related to 'AS39783' % Abuse contact for 'AS39783' is '[email protected]' aut-num: AS39783 as-name: RENTARACK-AS org: ORG-OG1-RIPE remarks: --- remarks: --- remarks: NIX1, Oslo, Norway: remarks: --- import: from AS224 action pref=100; accept ANY # Uninett import: from AS2116 action pref=100; accept ANY # Ventelo import: from AS3293 action pref=100; accept ANY # Infostream Services AS import: from AS2874 action pref=100; accept ANY # Equant import: from AS5619 action pref=100; accept ANY # ErgoGroup import: from AS3307 action pref=100; accept ANY # BaneTele AS import: from AS41164 action pref=100; accept ANY # Get import: from AS12996 action pref=100; accept ANY # Domeneshop AS import: from AS12929 action pref=100; accept ANY # NetCom GSM AS import: from AS13069 action pref=100; accept ANY # DataGuard AS import: from AS6667 action pref=100; accept ANY # EUnet Finland import: from AS15659 action pref=100; accept ANY # NextGenTel AS import: from AS25351 action pref=100; accept ANY # Broadnet Norge AS import: from AS8220 action pref=100; accept ANY # Colt import: from AS15765 action pref=100; accept ANY # Mimer AS import: from AS21201 action pref=100; accept ANY # Net Fonds ASA import: from AS16065 action pref=100; accept ANY # Easynet AS import: from AS16180 action pref=100; accept ANY # Inn AS import: from AS16175 action pref=100; accept ANY # IT Connect AS import: from AS21171 action pref=100; accept ANY # Schibsted ASA import: from AS21119 action pref=100; accept ANY # WAN Norge AS import: from AS21293 action pref=100; accept ANY # NRK import: from AS15560 action pref=100; accept ANY # NC-Systems AS import: from AS29300 action pref=100; accept ANY # Direct Connect AS import: from AS12552 action pref=100; accept ANY # IP-Only import: from AS30950 action pref=100; accept ANY # Bredbandsalliansen import: from AS21202 action pref=100; accept ANY # DCS import: from AS25148 action pref=100; accept ANY # Basefarm AS import: from AS31027 action pref=100; accept ANY # Nianet AS import: from AS30737 action pref=100; accept ANY # RBnet AS import: from AS41129 action pref=100; accept ANY # Loopback Systems AS import: from AS39787 action pref=100; accept ANY # TV2 Interaktiv import: from AS41483 action pref=100; accept ANY # Network Norway import: from AS29518 action pref=100; accept ANY # Labs2 import: from AS31264 action pref=100; accept ANY # Telecomputing Norway AS import: from AS41572 action pref=100; accept ANY # Hafslund Telekom AS import: from AS42400 action pref=100; accept ANY # Multihost IT import: from AS8473 action pref=100; accept ANY # Bahnhof AB import: from AS6709 action pref=100; accept ANY # Bergen Nett og Media AS import: from AS39039 action pref=100; accept ANY # Linpro AS import: from AS43594 action pref=100; accept ANY # Consoll AS import: from AS16265 action pref=100; accept ANY # Leaseweb B.V. export: to AS224 announce AS-RENTARACK # Uninett export: to AS2116 announce AS-RENTARACK # Ventelo export: to AS3293 announce AS-RENTARACK # Infostream Services AS export: to AS2874 announce AS-RENTARACK # Equant export: to AS5619 announce AS-RENTARACK # ErgoGroup export: to AS3307 announce AS-RENTARACK # BaneTele AS export: to AS41164 announce AS-RENTARACK # Get export: to AS12996 announce AS-RENTARACK # Domeneshop AS export: to AS12929 announce AS-RENTARACK # NetCom GSM AS export: to AS13069 announce AS-RENTARACK # DataGuard AS export: to AS6667 announce AS-RENTARACK # EUnet Finland export: to AS15659 announce AS-RENTARACK # NextGenTel AS export: to AS25351 announce AS-RENTARACK # Broadnet Norge AS export: to AS8220 announce AS-RENTARACK # Colt export: to AS15765 announce AS-RENTARACK # Mimer AS export: to AS21201 announce AS-RENTARACK # Net Fonds ASA export: to AS16065 announce AS-RENTARACK # Easynet AS export: to AS16180 announce AS-RENTARACK # Inn AS export: to AS16175 announce AS-RENTARACK # IT Connect AS export: to AS21171 announce AS-RENTARACK # Schibsted ASA export: to AS21119 announce AS-RENTARACK # WAN Norge AS export: to AS21293 announce AS-RENTARACK # NRK export: to AS15560 announce AS-RENTARACK # NC-Systems AS export: to AS29300 announce AS-RENTARACK # Direct Connect AS export: to AS12552 announce AS-RENTARACK # IP-Only export: to AS30950 announce AS-RENTARACK # Bredbandsalliansen export: to AS21202 announce AS-RENTARACK # DCS export: to AS25148 announce AS-RENTARACK # Basefarm AS export: to AS31027 announce AS-RENTARACK # Nianet AS export: to AS30737 announce AS-RENTARACK # RBnet AS export: to AS41129 announce AS-RENTARACK # Loopback Systems AS export: to AS39787 announce AS-RENTARACK # TV2 Interaktiv export: to AS41483 announce AS-RENTARACK # Network Norway export: to AS29518 announce AS-RENTARACK # Labs2 export: to AS31264 announce AS-RENTARACK # Telecomputing Norway AS export: to AS41572 announce AS-RENTARACK # Hafslund Telekom AS export: to AS42400 announce AS-RENTARACK # Multihost IT export: to AS8473 announce AS-RENTARACK # Bahnhof AB export: to AS6709 announce AS-RENTARACK # Bergen Nett og Media AS export: to AS39039 announce AS-RENTARACK # Linpro AS export: to AS43594 announce AS-RENTARACK # Consoll AS export: to AS16265 announce AS-RENTARACK # LEaseweb B.V. remarks: --- remarks: --- remarks: Rent a Rack, Ulvenvn. 87, Norway remarks: --- import: from AS174 action pref=80; accept ANY # Cogent import: from AS42708 action pref=60; accept ANY # Portlane import: from AS49262 action pref=100; accept ANY # Rent a Rack AS import: from AS48630 action pref=130; accept AS48630 # Thomas Eriksen import: from AS49788 action pref=130; accept AS-ACTIVOSYS # Activo Sys AS import: from AS51886 action pref=130; accept AS51886 # Ole Andreas Hermansen import: from AS34989 action pref=130; accept AS34989 # ServeTheWorld import: from AS57963 action pref=130; accept AS57963 # Lynet Internett AS import: from AS44654 action pref=130; accept AS-MNS # Media Network Services export: to AS174 announce AS-RENTARACK # Cogent export: to AS42708 announce AS-RENTARACK # Portlane export: to AS49262 announce ANY # Rent a Rack AS export: to AS48630 announce ANY # Thomas Eriksen export: to AS49788 announce ANY # Activo Sys AS export: to AS51886 announce ANY # Ole Andreas Hermansen export: to AS34989 announce ANY # ServeTheWorld export: to AS57963 announce ANY # Lynet Internett AS export: to AS44654 announce ANY # Media Network Services remarks: --- remarks: --- admin-c: GDDY tech-c: GDDY status: ASSIGNED mnt-by: RIPE-NCC-END-MNT mnt-by: GODADDY-MNT created: 2006-04-24T13:52:50Z last-modified: 2021-02-01T09:24:37Z source: RIPE # Filtered organisation: ORG-OG1-RIPE org-name: Host Europe GmbH country: DE org-type: LIR descr: GoDaddy address: Hansestrasse 79 address: 51149 address: Cologne address: GERMANY phone: +49220399347575 admin-c: GDDY abuse-c: HEAH mnt-ref: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT mnt-ref: GODADDY-MNT mnt-by: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT mnt-by: GODADDY-MNT created: 2004-04-17T11:11:01Z last-modified: 2020-12-16T12:48:37Z source: RIPE # Filtered role: GoDaddy LIR address: GoDaddy address: Hansestrasse 79 address: 51149 Koeln phone: +49 2203 9934 0 admin-c: JOKO admin-c: MOMO admin-c: SEPP tech-c: JOKO tech-c: MOMO tech-c: SEPP nic-hdl: GDDY mnt-by: GODADDY-MNT created: 2019-02-11T09:26:09Z last-modified: 2022-07-11T13:10:35Z source: RIPE # Filtered % This query was served by the RIPE Database Query Service version 1.103 (HEREFORD)