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Country Germany
Zipcode 65931
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myskillsfuture.gov.sg - Home | Myskillsfuture.gov.sg
MySkillsFuture is a one-stop online portal that enables Singaporeans of all ages to make informed learning and career choices, so that they can pursue their skills and career development throughout their lives. Search for SSG-funded courses, submit SkillsFuture Credit claim and find resources and tools to help you make informed decisions on skills upgrading.
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name server: ns3.gdnsec.com, ns7.gdnsdef.com, ns9.gdnsec.com, a1-6.akam.net, ns10.gdnsdef.com, ns12.gdnsec.com, ns12.gdnsdef.com, a2-65.akam.net, a3-67.akam.net, a8-64.akam.net, a9-65.akam.net, a20-66.akam.net

ica.gov.sg - Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)
ICA is responsible for the security of Singapore's borders against the entry of undesirable persons, cargo and conveyances through our land, air and sea checkpoints.
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name server: ns7.gdnsdef.com, a9-65.akam.net, a1-6.akam.net, ns3.gdnsec.com, ns9.gdnsec.com, a20-66.akam.net, ns12.gdnsdef.com, ns12.gdnsec.com, ns10.gdnsdef.com, a3-67.akam.net, a8-64.akam.net, a2-65.akam.net
mail server: mx1.sgict.gov.sg, mx2.sgict.gov.sg, mx3.sgict.gov.sg, mx4.sgict.gov.sg

imda.gov.sg - IMDA - Infocomm Media Development Authority
The IMDA develops and regulates the converging infocomm and media sectors in a holistic way, creating a dynamic and exciting sector filled with opportunities for growth, through an emphasis on talent, research, innovation and enterprise.
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name server: ns3.gdnsec.com, ns12.gdnsec.com, a8-64.akam.net, ns10.gdnsdef.com, ns7.gdnsdef.com, ns9.gdnsec.com, a9-65.akam.net, a1-6.akam.net, a3-67.akam.net, a20-66.akam.net, ns12.gdnsdef.com, a2-65.akam.net
mail server: mx1.sgict.gov.sg, mx3.sgict.gov.sg, mx4.sgict.gov.sg, mx2.sgict.gov.sg

lastpass.com - #1 Password Manager & Vault App with Single-Sign On & MFA Solutions | LastPass
Go beyond saving passwords with the best password manager! Generate strong passwords and store them in a secure vault. Now with single-sign on (SSO) and adaptive MFA solutions that integrate with over 1,200 apps.
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name server: a12-67.akam.net, a7-67.akam.net, a18-64.akam.net, a3-66.akam.net, a1-208.akam.net, a2-65.akam.net
mail server: mx0b-001a0901.pphosted.com, mx0a-001a0901.pphosted.com